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Lupus Alert is an association that is dedicated and committed to providing education, hope, support and services to patients, their families and friends. The primary function of Lupus Alert is to alleviate suffering for patients through patient services, including early undiagnosed cases through community awareness promotion, and to eradicate lupus by supporting research.

Lupus Alert is a learning NGO that is constantly looking for new knowledge and achieving good results without much financial assistance.

1. Visit of Professor D. Isenberg, consultant Rheumatologist, from the University College London Hospitals in September 2001. The objectives of this visit were to raise the consciousness of SLE (Lupus) in Mauritius, to review patients with the disease and to provide an update about latest research into Lupus. Following his recommendations:

- A specialised Lupus Unit and Serology laboratory were set up in May 2002 at Victoria Hospital
- A physician was trained in the management and care of Lupus patients at the University College London.
- Training of a doctor in renal pathology at Addenbrookes’ Hospital, UK

2. Visit of Professor Timothy Vyse of the Imperial College, Faculty of Medicine, London in May 2003. The main objective of Professor Vyse’s visit was for him to discuss with the Mauritius Research Council, SSR Medical Centre, University of Mauritius, the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life and Lupus Alert, a collaborative project to study the genetic basis of SLE (Lupus) in Mauritius.

3. The moral and psychological support is not only beneficial to sufferers and their families, but to society at large as their reintegration is done with dignity. Many of our patients have had to give up their jobs and are pretty much unemployable. Today, thanks to Lupus Alert, all Lupus patients benefit from a Disability Living Allowance since 2001. Women patients forming the majority of Lupus sufferers badly need this financial assistance, especially in cases where a husband prefers to leave the house than cope with a permanently sick wife.

4. Lupus Alert was awarded the Mauritius Council of Social Service Outstanding NGO Award in 2003 and the most Outstanding Volunteer Award by the Mauritius Council of Youth Leaders in 2004 and in 2009. Lupus Alert has received the International Lifetime Achievement Award in the control of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) on 26th June 2010 during the 9th International Congress on SLE held in Vancouver. This award is given to “an individual, group or institution who by word, example, or act has advanced the world wide effort to understand, treat and/or prevent SLE or its consequences”.

5. In our endeavour to increase public awareness of Lupus/Autoimmune Diseases and in collaboration with the American Embassy, Lupus Alert has contributed in the setting up of a Library/Resource Centre in 2003. This library resource centre is used by Lupus Alert members, health professionals, medical students, teachers and friends, to increase awareness of Lupus and related diseases. Individuals who are not familiar with Lupus and other related autoimmune diseases can be obstacles to successful living with the disease.

Today, the Lupus Alert Library has an impressive collection of materials for everyone’s enjoyment ranging from healthy reading and living to the arts, sciences, general works, bestsellers, children’s books, a reference section, and hopefully this library will have a public computer access soon.

Due to the popularity and constant use of this unique library by our members and a great demand for memberships coming from University students and the general public, Lupus Alert has been compelled to increase the volume of books and magazines and other resource materials to satisfy one and all. The association is pleased also that financial resources have permitted the continued expansion of existing collections. It remains their aim to make those great titles available in attractive editions to waiting readers and also to those people lacking reading habits.