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Lupus Alert has been involved with various projects for Lupus Alert funded by the Decentralised Corporation Programme (DCP), CSR and other Private Companies. The REACH (Research, Education, Awareness, Commitment, and Healthcare) project was funded by the DCP to improve the Quality of Life of Lupus patients.

The Quality of Life Programme has been established to assist those patients who have needs not covered by community resources of assistance. Since lupus flares suddenly, patients and their families often face unanticipated medical, emotional and financial crisis. They encounter obstacles in quickly qualifying for community resources or disability assistance. We consider requests for help with home health care, c

hild care, certain medications (e.g. Sildenafil 50), transportation, personal care items or other products and services which will help alleviate some of the trauma of living with Lupus.

Lupus patients are regularly provided with:

-          walking canes or wheelchairs after becoming disabled due to complications from Lupus or after hip replacement surgery.

-          wigs for patients with extreme hair loss.

-          books and other educational materials for needy students.

-          financial assistance for funeral and other expenses.

A young patient handicapped with transverse myelitis has been also provided with a ripple mattress, toilet seat and a wheelchair. On a regular basis she receives treatment from a physiotherapist in a private hospital.

Donation of Ripple Mattress, toilet seat and a wheelchair

Donation of Ripple Mattress, toilet seat and a wheelchair

Donation of Adult Diapers

Donation of Adult Diapers

Donating Walking Cane     and Wheel Chair.

Donating Walking Cane and Wheel Chair.



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