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In our endeavour to increase public awareness of Lupus/Autoimmune Diseases and in collaboration with the American Embassy, Lupus Alert started a Library/Resource Centre in 2003. Our library resource centre is used by our members, health professionals, medical students, teachers and friends, to increase awareness of Lupus and related diseases. Individuals who are not familiar with Lupus and other related autoimmune diseases can be obstacles to successful living with the disease.
Today, the Lupus Alert Library has an impressive collection of materials for everyone’s enjoyment ranging from healthy reading and living to the arts, sciences, general works, bestsellers, children’s books and a reference section.
Recently ordered books for the Lupus Alert library:

  • 10 copies of « Lupus, 100 questions pour mieux gérer la maladie
  • Dialysis without fear
  • Long Walk To Freedom – The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
  • Lupus Masculin
  • Chikingunya, grippe aviaire, paludisme, maladie de lyme, maladies virales émergentes. Une autre approche des solutions concrètes et efficientes.
  • D’un prétendu droit de mourir part Humanité – l’euthanasie en question.
  • Maladie auto-immunes dans les familles de polyarthrite rhumatoïde
  • Le régime hormone
  • Le Silence des Chagos
  • ……and many more….
Due to the popularity and constant use of this unique library by our members and a great demand for memberships coming from medical professional and medical students, Lupus Alert introduced the Medical Journals Section starting with two journals – Lupus: An International Journal from Sage Publications and Rheumatology from Oxford Journals Publication. Recent published research is essential for doctors as they learn practicing the Evidence Based Medicine. As practitioners, they require the skill of analyzing recent updates and guidelines before applying these in clinical practice. Discussing the published literature in terms of sample population, study design, limitations, relevance and comparison with previous studies to formulate an evidence for practice must be an essential part of training.
Our unique library is also used by University students and the general public and we have been compelled to increase the volume of books and magazines and other resource materials to satisfy one and all. We are pleased also that financial resources have permitted the continued expansion of existing collections. It remains our aim to make those great titles available in attractive editions to waiting readers and also to those people lacking reading habits.