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World Lupus Day – May 10

  • Celebrated since 2004, the objective of World Lupus Day is to focus on the need for heightened public awareness, improved patient healthcare services, enhanced physician diagnosis and treatment of lupus.
  • Lupus Alert is also a partner with other lupus groups around the world who are working together to help create worldwide recognition of lupus and educate people about this devastating and life-altering autoimmune disease. What the associations want is to continue to show the world how lupus organizations around the globe are bringing attention to this significant public health issue.
  • In response to efforts by individuals with lupus, lupus organizations and their advocates around the globe, there is a glow of hope on the horizon for an improved quality of life for people with lupus.
  • Lupus Alert participated in the International Congress on Lupus in New York in 2004, in China in May 2007, in Vancouver in June 2010 and in Buenos Aires in April 2013. The next SLE International Congress will be held in Vienna in September 2015.

China, May 2007

New York, May 2004

Vancouver, June 2010