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Welcome to Lupus Alert

Lupus Alert is the only registered NGO that provides active physical, moral, emotional and financial support to patients and families with Lupus and other related autoimmune diseases in Mauritius. Founded in January 2000, Lupus Alert has been applauded for its pioneering work and vision:

  • Lupus Alert was awarded the Mauritius Council of Social Service Outstanding NGO Award in 2003 and the most Outstanding Volunteer Award by the Mauritius Council of Youth Leaders in 2004 and in 2009.
  • Lupus Alert has received the International Lifetime Achievement Award in the control of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) on 26th June 2010 during the 9thInternational Congress on SLE held in Vancouver.
  • For her extraordinary work in disease awareness and patient advocacy Dalilah Kalla, a lupus patient, was awarded the 2011 JCI Outstanding Young Person of Mauritius and is among the 2011 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP) recipient in the category of humanitarian and voluntary leadership.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and tissue damage to virtually any organ system. This chronic disease can cause disabling pain and fatigue, disfiguring skin rashes, kidney problems, heart attacks, depression, general malaise and the destruction of vital organs.

Over 2000 people may have lupus in Mauritius and 90% of those affected are teenagers and young adults who between the ages of 10 and 35 years.

Our vision is to make sure that all people with lupus in Mauritius have guaranteed access to competent health care, high quality treatment and are ensured all support required to live a comfortable life.