Personal Stories

I was under treatment for Rheumatism for four years before I was diagnosed with Lupus. My symptoms were hair loss, arthritis in the hand, joint pains and fever. The pain was so unbearable that I could not comb my hair, hold a spoon or even put on clothes. One day I read an article on Lupus and realized that I was having the same symptoms. I was terrified, as I knew that I was not suffering from Rheumatism but I had lupus. Upon my next doctor’s appointment, the doctor confirmed that I was suffering from Lupus and that I was already following the right treatment. After sometime, my symptoms started to reduce and I was able to start living a more or less normal life again. While following my treatment at the hospital I met Mrs Venkatasamy and she invited me to the Lupus Alert Centre. There I learned more about my disease and met other patients. I now look at the positive side of life. In parallel with my treatment, I have started Reiki and it has helped me to reduce stress.


It will be two years since I was diagnosed with Lupus. I was diagnosed in Italy. My first symptoms were face rash, fever, joint pains and other serious complications involving the kidneys. When I was in Italy it was difficult to follow a treatment and I decided to return to Mauritius. I started a treatment at the hospital and my condition has now been stabilized. I have learnt to accommodate my life to Lupus. I started a job and have resumed my studies


I started having my first symptoms in 1994. I was had swollen joints, muscle pains, high fever. I went to see several doctors but no one could give me a proper diagnosis. I was only in 2000 when I read an article in the Newspaper on a young woman who had passed away due to complication related to Lupus that I realized that the symptoms I was having resembled those of this disease. I asked my doctor and after some tests, he confirmed that I had lupus. I started a treatment but I was still in a lot of pain. At that time, I was working and I had no choice but to quit my job. I had serious complication due to lupus. I have serious heart and lung problems. I have to say that my family is always there for me and they give the strength to fight this disease. I have learnt to live with the disease and ensure that I look after myself. I never miss my medication and try to rest as much as possible.


It all started in 1998. I started having pains and could not understand what was happening to me. I went to see several doctors but they could put a diagnosis. It was a very difficult time as I was having pain in the joints, hands, teeth or sometimes I was with very high fever. No one could understand what was happening. It went on for two years and in 2000, I went to see a Rheumatologist and after some tests it was confirmed that I had Lupus. I was surprised by the diagnosis as I had heard about this disease before on the radio. The Rheumatologist gave me the number of the association Lupus Alert and I recommended that I contact Mrs Venkatasamy. I was so distressed that I did not have the courage to contact her straight away. My niece contacted her and we met Mrs Venkatasamy soon after. She took me to the hospital to start my treatment and gave me as much explanation as possible on Lupus. I met other patients and I must say that this made me feel a little better. I felt that I was not alone and this gave me the strength to fight this battle. I also realized that there were other patients who had a more severe lupus than I. With the support of my family, I have learnt to live with the disease and try to live a normal life as far as possible.